Learn how to permanently overcome cravings, so you can stop falling off the wagon and successfully follow a carnivore diet.


This signature program guides you through identifying and ending unwanted food behaviors, building the necessary foundation for following a carnivore diet successfully, and transforming your mindset from feeling deprived and restricted, to feeling confidence, freedom, and peace.


Coming in early summer, 2024.

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My Wish For You Is Freedom

Before finding carnivore and doing this work, I had been dieting since I was 12 years old. I did every diet under the sun and spent decades of my life fighting myself and my cravings constantly.

Here’s the problem with the world we live in: You cannot avoid indulgent foods. 

Cookies, donuts, and chips are everywhere, and everyone is eating them.

Sure, sometimes people hide in their house for 30 days and successfully stick to a diet, but then what? 

You eventually have to come face to face with the foods that tempt you. The foods that you seem to give in to again and again, and make you lose control.

Avoiding these foods isn’t freedom.

And avoiding these foods doesn’t lessen your desire for them, no matter how much time goes by.

If you think that you can become less enamored with cookies, cheetos, or ice cream by avoiding them for a while, unfortunately that is not true. The brain doesn’t work that way.

What does work is weakening the neuropathways in your brain that reinforce those behaviors, until the very desire for those foods disappears.

That’s what this course is about.

I look back on my life before carnivore and this work, and I am astonished by how much time and mental energy I spent, how much WORK I did, trying to manage my food in a completely crazy, food-saturated modern environment.

It was demoralizing, depressing, and depleting.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I have been freed from that life.

And my desire is to help people find freedom from that battle, from those health problems, from that struggle.

Change in your life is waiting for you, and I’m here to walk alongside you every step of the way.

See you inside Carnivore Eating Mastery!

Warmest regards,