How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Meat ...and Actually Like It

You’ve successfully gotten away from our crazy modern American diet.

You’ve experienced how a meat-based diet changes your health and your life for the better.

You understand how sick all the junk food you used to eat made you.

…and now you want your kids to eat more meat and less junk too.


But there’s a problem.

The challenges facing your children are different from the ones you grappled with.

Birthday parties, cafeteria lunches, snacks at activities; children are offered bad choices at every turn. And they are far more influenced by their peers, and far more susceptible to social norms, than adults are.

More importantly, you made your decision to change your eating with complete autonomy.

Children do not have the same freedom, and suddenly depriving them of their favorite foods can backfire, resulting in rebellion and a deranged relationship with food.

There is a better way.

In this highly actionable ebook, I will teach you practical ways to accomplish all of the following, without coercion or forcing:

  • How to get your children happily eating more meat at home.
  • How to get your children to willingly pass up the junk food given to them by well-intentioned teachers, parents, and friends that are just trying to share.
  • How to help them understand the tradeoffs that we all face with our food choices, and be clear about what foods are worth it and what are not.
  • How to help them prioritize their health by connecting it to age-appropriate motivations that they actually care about.

But most importantly:

How to accomplish all of these things without making your kids feel deprived and resentful, which is a surefire way of setting them up to gorge on junk food the moment your back is turned.


Money Back Guarantee

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Simply contact me for a refund at [email protected] and I will happily issue you a refund for the full purchase price back to your original payment method. I want happy customers only, who feel good about the purchase they made.

Change Your Children's Lives Today

No matter what your starting point is, your kids can change.

No matter how old they are, they can change.

You will learn exactly how to implement these strategies in the proper phases. It does not matter where your children are starting from.

Even if they are currently following a standard American diet eating foods like pizza and chips and soda, you can make positive changes by using the strategies in this book.

You can get to a place of eating where both you and your children are happy with their food and eating.

Buy now and begin making positive change in the health and lives of your children.

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