About Joanne


My parents always joked that even from a young age, I loved food a little too much.

My life revolved around making and chasing delicious things, and it came as no surprise to anyone when I made a career after college of running a recipe blog.

Being in the kitchen was where I felt most at home, and my happy moments were spent planning elaborate feasts for holidays, scoping out menus for new restaurants to try, and creating maddeningly delicious new recipes to share.
But on the flip side of this love for food, there was a dark side. I struggled with my weight, emotional eating, and various health issues.


Food was my go-to way of dealing with stress, boredom, and anxiety, and I had an addictive relationship with many foods like sugar.

My attachment to food began at a young age, when I started using food for support when my parents got divorced when I was 11.

An endless cycle of diets, pills, and weight loss strategies began, and I always felt torn between my love for food and its toll on my health and well being.
Now, I have walked away from all of it by free choice, and have happily embraced a carnivore way of eating.

What carnivore has done for my life is truly better than all of that food. It resolved all my lifelong health issues in a way that no medication or diet ever could.

I know firsthand the emotional and mental obstacles that can come with choosing not to eat the addictive and hyperpalatable foods that we are surrounded by in today’s food environment.

My own struggles with overcoming these obstacles are what make me so passionate about helping others do the same.

I know how hard the process can be, but it is attainable for everyone to become free of addictive eating. It is possible for you to be in charge of your health and relationship with food, and be free of feeling restricted and deprived.

Hear Joanne's Carnivore Story

To hear more about Joanne's story of how and why she came to carnivore, listen to Episode 2 of the Road to Carnivore Podcast. 

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Professional Bio:

Joanne Ozug is a former food blogger, on-camera personality, and creator of the Fifteen Spatulas food blog, receiving over 4 million page views per month. Joanne has done live and taped appearances on numerous media outlets, including the TODAY show, Home & Family, the Cooking Channel, The Dr Oz Show, and more.

Joanne has also spoken at numerous conferences, on live radio, and on many podcasts. Her work has been featured in print magazines like Better Homes & Gardens and Woman's World, and digitally on The Washington Post, Business Insider, Glamour, and more.