Episode 1: Introduction

Apr 30, 2024

Welcome to The Road to Carnivore podcast!

This 13-minute episode gives you an idea of what this entire series will be about, and the many topics that will be covered.

The main argument in this series is that the further you go down the road to carnivore, the healthier you will be. Eat moremeat, and less plants, for better health.

For the vast majority of people, food is the single biggest factor for health and wellbeing, and I believe we are getting more and more unhealthy as a society because we are eating further and further away from a carnivore diet, which is how we ate as humans for most of our history.

A few of the topics we will dig into in this series:

  • Why meat is nutritionally superior to plants
  • The many toxins and poisons that plants have
  • How to overcome food addiction
  • Why it’s important to realize how insane our modern food environment is
  • The metabolic benefits, autoimmune benefits, hormone benefits, and other major system benefits to carnivore
  • Weight loss and fitness
  • The environmental angle of meat vs plants
  • Why carnivore is actually more affordable than people think
  • How to handle holidays and social events
  • How to transition to carnivore and how to stick with carnivore long term
  • The nuances between beef, chicken, pork, and other meats
  • Why saturated animal fats like butter, tallow, and lard are so great

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