Episode 7: Metabolic Health and Fat Adaptation – Why Meat Is Better than Plants

May 05, 2024

Welcome to Episode 7 of The Road to Carnivore Podcast!

In this 10-minute episode I explain why meat is better than plants from a metabolic health and fat adaptation perspective.

While you don’t have to do carnivore specifically to have good metabolic health, what is optimal about carnivore is that it’s an extremely nutrient dense diet that is also very low carb, and chronically high carb consumption plays a big role in metabolic dysfunction. 

Meat kills two birds with one stone. You get the most nutrient dense food, while also limiting carbohydrates. Processed carbs are thought to be a major driver in insulin resistance and diseases like diabetes.

If you want to minimize risk of major diseases like diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and alzheimers, then you need to maintain metabolic health, and a big piece of that is limiting carb intake. A carnivore diet can maximize nutrient density while limiting plant toxins, and prioritizing animal foods also helps you become fat adapted and metabolically flexible.

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