Want to learn a lot about carnivore in the least time possible? 

Then the Road to Carnivore Podcast is for you.

Unlike most podcasts, each episode is 7 to 20 minutes, and takes the tremendous amount of health information on that episode's topic and boils it down to the cliff notes. 

Each episode gives you the most important information and science to quickly understand each topic, so you can most efficiently learn about the very important relationship between diet and health.

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Latest Episodes:

Episode 4: Plants Are Trying to Poison You May 05, 2024

Welcome to Episode 4 of The Road to Carnivore Podcast!

In this 17-minute episode we dive into the reality that plants contain toxic compounds and are trying to poison you. It’s not personal; they’re trying to poison the insects and animals that want to eat them too.

Even though the...

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Episode 3: Nutrition – Why Meat is Better than Plants May 05, 2024

Welcome to episode 3 of The Road to Carnivore podcast!

In this 9-minute episode I explain why meat is better than plants from a nutrition perspective.

With the current narrative in food and the dietary recommendations of the US government’s food pyramid, it’s fair to question if...

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Episode 2: My Story of How and Why I Came to Carnivore Apr 30, 2024

Welcome to episode 2 of The Road to Carnivore podcast!

In this 20-minute episode I share my story of how I came to carnivore and why I eat this way.

I think when most people consider the idea of going carnivore, it can seem completely unimaginable to picture that for your own life.

When you hear...

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Episode 1: Introduction Apr 30, 2024

Welcome to The Road to Carnivore podcast!

This 13-minute episode gives you an idea of what this entire series will be about, and the many topics that will be covered.

The main argument in this series is that the further you go down the road to carnivore, the healthier you will be. Eat moremeat,...

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